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Michelle Alameda is a senior completing an Environmental Studies degree. She has experience with restoration work, educational activities, and invasive species removal through volunteer work for Nearby Nature and the Long Tom Watershed Council. Michelle has a focused interest in forest biology and future forest management. She is positive, hands-on, and enjoys getting to know people. Michelle hopes to learn more on policy mechanisms and ecology of ecosystems to potentially utilize scientific information to update policy.

Dylan Brown is a post-baccalaureate student completing another minor in Environmental Studies. He also has a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and a minor in History from the University of Oregon. He wants to work in policy fields related to sustainable development; whether it is waste policy, natural resource policy, or more work surrounding restoration is still up for debate. He hopes his experience with ELP and working at Whitewater Ranch with the Riparian Restoration team will help give some direction in where he goes next after school.

Rachael Cleveland is majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in Biology. She enjoys hiking, swimming, drawing, and photography. She hopes to work for the government or a non-profit to help conserve and protect the environment that she grew to love as a child, and will eventually continue her education through a Masters program.

Andi Ebright is a senior Environmental Studies major from South Lake Tahoe, California. During her free time you can find her backpacking, paddle boarding and enjoying the great outdoors! After graduation, she plans on moving back to Lake Tahoe, where she will be doing intern work with the U.S.F.S. Currently, she is soaking up the last few months being a college senior, enjoying time spent with friends in beautiful Eugene, Oregon!

Mary Gerhart is an Environmental Science major from San Joaquin Valley, California. She formed a love for nature spending summers in the redwood forests on the coast of California and has since been interested in preserving and restoring nature. She enjoys cooking, gardening, hiking, and swimming in her free time. After graduation, she plans to live permanently in Oregon and find a career doing research or restoration work.

​Amber Johnson is a senior, post-baccalaureate Environmental Science major, with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts from Rutgers University​ in New Jersey​.​ Her love of wildlife, nature, and the sun originated in the San Gabriel Mountains of Southern California where she grew up. She hopes to return there to pursue a career in water resource management after graduation. But while she still calls Oregon home, she enjoys spending her time hiking, cooking, and snowshoeing as often as she can!

Zhou Lu is a senior, international student from China majoring in Environmental Science. He enjoys hiking, reading and martial arts. After graduation from University of Oregon, he will go to graduate school with an Environmental Engineering major and want to focus on wastewater management or renewable material research in the future. He hopes the experience with the ELP Riparian Restoration team will aid in a positive cultural experience and provide a chance for him to practise field work.

April McCalmont is a senior majoring in Environmental Studies. She enjoys hiking, exploring riparian habitats and the wilderness, nature and wildlife photography, and studying about herptiles found within the Pacific Northwest. Her passion for environmental justice persists through her active engagement in the community and with fellow scholars. After graduation she intends to continue her current internship working as Operations Manager for West Eugene Wetlands. Ultimately, she hopes to land herself a career where she is able to work towards protecting and preserving natural habitats, biodiversity, and wildlands.

Carson Pike is majoring in Environmental Studies with a minor in Business Administration. He enjoys exploring and connecting with the outdoors through activities such as skiing, hiking, and fly fishing. For him, being born and raised in the Pacific Northwest has generated an appreciation for healthy waterways and ecosystems. In a future career path, he strives to preserve and maintain natural environments through project planning, implementation, and monitoring.

Eleki Romans is a senior majoring in both Environmental Studies as well as Philosophy. He has always enjoyed being out in nature, be it amongst the forest, desert, or oceans. This love of nature originated from growing up surrounded by forests throughout his childhood, and he seeks to give back in whatever way he can. When he is not getting lost in the wilderness he enjoys playing and producing music, as well as cooking, biking, and a variety of other physical activities. After graduation he hopes to find work in a field related to environmental protection and conservation using the skills learned through the Environmental Studies program.

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